The UK company began selling “the stick” for protection from 5G networks

Company from Russia has entered the market with a unique product called 5GBioShield. As it turned out, she sells “the stick” for the protection of 5G networks.

Компания из Великобритании начала продавать "флешки" для защиты от 5G-сетей

The item description stated that the device when connected to the electronic device forms in a radius around the blocking signal does not allow to influence a person not only electromagnetic and radioactive radiation, but is also a remedy for 5G networks. Not a secret at the moment, many inhabitants of the planet fear the new transmitters ultrafast network signal. Conspiracy theorists are developing theories about their true purpose and it has already led to the destruction of several antennas, including in Russia. Given the fear of the people, the UK company decided to occupy a promising niche in the market, presenting new, struggling with the waves. The buyer “stick” 5GBioShield promise full lock 5G networks, but the device will have to pay not a small amount, on the current exchange rate component of 25 thousand rubles.

It is already known, in fact, the new product doesn’t work, and it was not originally laid down no described function, since it is an ordinary USB flash memory with capacity of 128 MB at a price of 425 rubles. This was informed by the representatives of the BBC News dismantled the decorative case, and seeing there obsolete device for storing electronic data.

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