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The two victims of’ a miscarriage of justice in NB still awaiting a response

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Robert Mailman and Walter Gillespie at the exit from the courthouse in Saint-Jean, New Brunswick, after learning that their convictions were overturned. (Archive photo)

The Canadian Press

Nearly a month after the murder convictions of two New Brunswick men were overturned, the provincial government has yet to respond to a demand for compensation or an apology.

The New Brunswick Court of King's Bench acquitted Robert Mailman and Walter Gillespie on January 4. The court said the justice system had failed the men, who were sentenced in 1984 to life in prison for a murder committed in St. John the previous year.

Robert Mailman, who was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer last November, fears he will die before the provincial government acts.

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Robert Mailman and Walter Gillespie leaving the Saint-Jean courthouse Thursday afternoon

Federal Justice Minister Arif Virani ordered a retrial before Christmas, saying significant new information that had not been presented to the courts called into question the overall fairness of the legal process.

New Brunswick Justice Minister Ted Flemming did not respond to repeated requests for comment on the #x27;case and the possibility of compensation.

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Prime Minister Blaine Higgs said last week that he had intended to seek advice on the decision and promised to do the right thing.

But defenders of both men say that their letters addressed to the government have remained unanswered until now.

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