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The Turkish Navy used Albatros-S and TCB 1101 naval drones: what is remarkable about them

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May22,2024

The Turkish Navy used Albatros-S and TCB 1101 naval drones: what is remarkable about them

Both drones can not only hit the enemy with warheads, but also resist means of radio-electronic

This month, the Turkish Navy conducted the Denizkurdu-II exercise in the Mediterranean Sea, involving several unmanned surface ships, as well as crewed vessels, submarines and aircraft. Details reported  by Defense News.

Six Albatros-S unmanned surface ships of the Aselsan company were involved in the exercises. These boats are 7.2 m long and 2 m wide, with a displacement of 2,200 kg. Their diesel engines are capable of speeds of over 40 knots. Drones are also equipped with a payload — 200-kilogram warheads.

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The military also tested the TCB 1101 boat — the first drone adopted by the Turkish Navy. Developed in collaboration with Aselsan and Sefine Shipyard, it has a length of 15 m and a beam of 3.85 m. Its displacement is 21 tons. The vessel is equipped with the Ares 2N electronic support measures system, the Areas 2NC electronic countermeasures system and a remote-controlled combat module Stamp, all manufactured by Aselsan. The drone was controlled from ground and ship control centers.

Retired rear admiral of the Navy Jem Okiai told Defense News that unmanned surface ships provide the Navy with protection against asymmetric threats, help with anti-surface, anti-submarine and electromagnetic warfare, and can also perform anti-mine operations. They also provide additional means of reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence gathering.

94 ships with a crew of various types, 8 submarines, 10 maritime patrol aircraft, 16 helicopters, 28 combat unmanned aerial vehicles, 26 fighter jets, an on-board warning and control system aircraft, an A400M cargo aircraft and a towing aircraft.

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