The truth is in wine, and health in the water

How to choose water filters

Истина в вине, а здоровье - в воде

Taking care of their own health and life style healthy lifestyle have become a global trend, which even more strengthened in conditions of quarantine. Undoubtedly, we can stock a huge number of vitamins and various supplements to enhance immunity and improve the quality of life. All are well aware of the consequences of the use of tap water. So many people use delivery services, where the cost of one 19-liter bottle averages around 100 UAH. For a family of three this amount will be enough, maybe two days – because a day is recommended to consume at least 2 liters of water. I hate cooking, tea, coffee. And if to carry out simple calculations, the annual budget for the purchase of water is about RS 18000. Surprised? But this amount can be used more efficiently if you install kitchen water filters.

The undisputed leader in this field are reverse osmosis system in which water under pressure passes through a special membrane from a more concentrated to a less concentrated solution, that is opposite to osmosis direction. This membrane retains 99.8% of impurities, including salts of heavy metals, nitrates, pesticides, and even the smallest virus particles. This technology began to be applied since the 1970s years for purification and desalination of drinking water, producing ultra-pure water for medical, industrial and other needs.

In the electronics store Eldorado presents a wide range of reverse osmosis systems. For example, the water missed through ECOSOFT P URE Balance (MO675MPUREBAL) can drink even children. The system itself is simple and does not require special engineering education to install. And the cherry on the cake: ECOSOFT is the only Ukrainian filters received certification in the USA.

More affordable alternative to reverse osmosis systems are the traditional water filters. For example, Pisatelnitsa (BRF0075) clean tap water from all kinds of impurities, chlorine, pesticides and other harmful substances. Missed through the filter water is safe to drink without boiling – she develops a taste and no unpleasant odors. Another advantage of this filter is to prevent formation of scale on appliances due to the technology of ion exchange. The result – your kettles and coffee makers will last many times longer. This filter has a sufficiently high cleaning speed of water to 2.5 liters per minute. In fact, you will have clean water not only for drinking but also for cooking.

And of course, don’t forget about the pitchers filters. Compact size allows to take it with you to the cottage or on vacation. Yes, and the kitchen help is simply irreplaceable. For example, a filter pitcher BRITAMarellaXLМемо has a stylish design and in a few minutes you will receive a perfectly purified fresh water.

Appliances store Eldorado you will find a wide range of filters and water purification systems and replacement cartridges to them.

It is known that the person on 80% consists of water. So to fix this internal and vital resource, we need high quality water. Remember, in Vino Veritas, but health is still in the water.

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