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The Trump and Biden debates, in fact, did not change the voters’ thoughts about them, – experience

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun30,2024

Trump and Biden debates, in fact, did not change the election voters’ thoughts about them, - experience

The presidential debates in the United States practically did not change the thoughts of rich voters and candidates, according to Ipsos’s analysis of the 538 website, which is dedicated to the analysis of the public’s thoughts.

Great According to the analysis, Trump emerged as a clear winner of the debate. 60% said that Trump performed the best, while only 21% said that Biden would perform the best. 19% said they don’t know.

If respondents were asked which candidates they were likely to vote for, it was clear that the election officials practically did not change their decisions.

Biden spent only a small part of potential voters. After the debate, 46.7% of potential voters said they consider voting for someone who is 1.6 hundredths of points lower than before the debate.

Trump's support may not have changed, but perhaps depicts that The fact is that, even though Biden made a poor speech at four o’clock in the evening, the voters were also not particularly hostile to Trump’s speech. The share of potential voters who said they considered voting for Trump after the debate increased from 43.5% to just 43.9%.

Before the debate, potential voters were asked how they would make the biggest impact on how they would vote this fall. The most widespread trend was inflation and rising costs, followed by immigration and political extremism and polarization.

As before the debate, fueling the global election We appreciate that Trump is more likely to face two major problems: inflation and rising costs, as well as with immigration. However, voters respect that Biden is more likely to deal with political extremism and polarization, as well as the upcoming importance of food on the list – abortions.

Incubation was carried out on two children – before and after the debate. The other conference was held late in the evening on the 27th of June and early on the 28th of June in the middle of 2,543 new elections, which previously voted for the first election. The survey may result in a loss of 2.1 hundredths of a hundred thousand points.

Over 1,700 respondents were surprised by the debate, either generally or often. The abduction of those who marveled at the debate, becoming 2.5 hundredths of points.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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