The Transfermarkt portal, specialized in the transfer market, updated its classification.

The Transfermarkt portal, specialized in the transfer market, updated its classification.

The transfer market of the Colombian League did not have much movement before the second tournament of the year, but Junior made a lot of noise with the names that he brought to his ranks, thinking of recovering the title of champion.

The Barranquilla team shook the league with the hiring of striker Carlos Bacca, who returned to Colombian soccer after of more than 10 years of a successful career in Europe.

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Bacca won the Europa League three times, two of them with key participation in the finals, with Sevilla. He won the other with Villarreal, a club that he left a year ago to go to Granada.

That signing, added to the hiring of the Argentine Iván Rossi and the Colombian Nelson Deossa, compensated for the departure of another sound signing at the time, Miguel Ángel Borja, who went to River Plate.

The Transfermarkt list, with many surprises

One of the reference points for market values ​​is the Transfermarkt portal, specialized in this type of price. After updating the value of the players who perform in the local tournament, there are some surprises.

Millionaires has, for Transfermarkt, the most expensive payroll in Colombian football: it is valued at 22.05 million euros. The second team on that list is Junior, with 21.98 million, and the podium is closed by Deportes Tolima, with 21.28 million.

The first-semester league champion, Atlético Nacional, is fourth on the Transfermarkt list, with 20.88 million, and then comes a significant difference between the top four and fifth, Independiente Medellín (14.18 million).

Daniel Ruiz, the most valuable player in the League

The Transfermarkt portal, specialized in the transfer market, updated its classification.

Transfermarkt quotes several Millionaires players very well. Four of the first ten most valuable in the league are from that club: Daniel Ruiz is the first (4 million); Álvaro Montero, the third (2.2 million); Andrés Llinás, fourth (2 million) and newcomer Óscar Vanegas, eighth (1.5 million).

The rest of the list of the ten most expensive players in the League for the portal are Jarlan Barrera, from Nacional (second, with 3 million); Sergio Mosquera, from Tolima, and Andrés Román, recently hired by Nacional, tied for fifth place, with 1.8 million; José Enrique Ortiz, from Junior, seventh with 1.7 million; Sebastián Gómez, from Nacional, ninth with 1.4 million, and Kevin Mier, goalkeeper for the purslane, tenth with 1.3.

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Bacca, despite his great career, barely appears in 28th place on the list, quoted at one million euros.

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