The transfer of a giant iceberg from Greenland to Spain causes scandal among environmentalists

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controversy A local environmental association compared this initiative to the organization of a bullfight to warn against animal abuse

The transfer of a giant iceberg from Greenland to Spain causes a scandal among environmentalists

Taken from Greenland, the iceberg must be exposed in the heart of Malaga (Spain), in the middle of summer, to alert on the climate crisis and the melting ice. — Becky Bohrer/AP/SIPA

A 15-tonne piece of iceberg is currently traveling by refrigerated boat. from Greenland to’’ Malaga (Spain), reports franceinfo. The objective would be to put the piece of ice in the city center in order to raise awareness of global warming and the the melting of glaciers. A project that revolts local environmental organizations, evoking “greenwashing”.

In detail, this piece of iceberg has been recovered by a team of young people led by Manuel Calvo, director of the Dingonatura foundation, at; on the occasion of an expedition called “Arctic Challenge, Operation Iceberg”. The man has justified the merits this mission. “Among the hundreds of thousands of chunks of ice floating in the Greenland Sea and melting every second, we caught one. We calculated the carbon footprint of our trip and we will participate in reforestation to compensate” he assured.

An approach criticized

For the activist, the objective is above all to “bang his fist on the table and say: “enough, we have to do something”. The association’s approach, however, did not convince other local environmental groups, such as Ecologistas en Acción Málaga, which compared on Facebook the initiative to a bullfight. “It’s like taking people to the bullring to fight animal abuse to see how you kill a bull” explained to franceinfo Librada Moreno, communication manager of the association.

from greenwashing the administration of the province of Malaga, which supported this project. For Librada Moreno, this project actually comes to life. aggravate the problem it intends to combat, without raising awareness. “People know full well that ice melts in the sun. This is not an awareness! We want real policies against climate change” she said, speaking of “a waste of energy” The iceberg should be installed to Málaga to; mid-September.