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The Tramway Project Office maintained... for now

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Daniel Genest, director of the Quebec City Tramway Project Office

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The Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility requests that the City “maintain the required teams” and recommends “stopping or suspending work” in progress, except for those that will be deemed essential.

Radio-Canada got its hands on a letter signed and sent by the deputy minister of the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility (MTMD), Frédéric Guay, to the director general of the City of Quebec, Luc Monty.

Sent on Monday, this letter reflects a first meeting which took place on November 15 between the team from the Ministry of Transport and the Project Office. During this meeting, the Project Office committed to carrying out a more detailed analysis of current activities.

This analysis aims to identify the impacts, costs and risks associated with each of the activities and to determine the best actions to [undertake] for them.

While awaiting the recommendations of the Caisse et dépôt et placement, whose subsidiary CDPQ Infra has obtained the mandate to determine the best structuring project for the City of Quebec, the Deputy Minister announced that his ministry is recommending the cessation or suspension of different works for the coming months.

This decision was taken in the interest of good management of public funds. It is however specified that the essential work to be continued will be determined jointly with the City.

At the same time, the Ministry takes the opportunity to salute the rigor of the work carried out by the Tramway Project Office. The Ministry recognizes the high-level expertise present within the City's project team.

The Ministry wants the City to maintain the required teams in order to collaborate with CDPQ Infra in the exercise of its mandate and to preserve the expertise developed.

A quote from Excerpt from the letter sent to the City of Quebec

By email, the Marchand administration is delighted to see that the expertise developed over the last few years by the Project Office is recognized by the ministry. The mayor's office emphasizes that its know-how will be necessary for the realization of any structuring project.

The real challenge will be to keep these competent people motivated by working on something beneficial for the city in the coming months as they have done in recent years.

A quote from Quebec City Hall's Cabinet

The Deputy Minister concludes his letter by requesting the collaboration of the City so that it submits all the documents and reports produced as well as the technical proposals received following the calls for tenders for the two components of the project, rolling stock and infrastructure. He is convinced that the work over the coming months will enable the objective of providing Quebec City with a structuring project for the benefit of all citizens.

According to the mayor of Quebec, Bruno Marchand, there are 75 projects underway as part of the tramway project for preparatory work. This includes the Rochebelle secondary school site, in the west of the city. In a short statement sent to Radio-Canada, the Des Découvreurs School Service Center confirms that it is preparing to award a contract to move two soccer fields to allow the passage of the tramway on the campus of the ;school.

There is also the Domaine Les Berges construction site, in the Saint-Roch district, where the preparatory work must continue next spring for security reasons.

The City must also deal with 225 expropriation files which are waiting to be settled. Two additional meetings were added during this week between the City and the MTMD to continue discussions on the future.

To date , $527 million was committed or spent on the Quebec City tramway project.

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