“The toilet is turning us into people with disabilities”: Dr. butcher advises “go big” on his haunches

The famous Russian doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov said about how modern toilets harm the health of most people. According to him, incorrect posture while using them is a major cause of development of such pathologies as hernia, hemorrhoids and other things.

«Унитаз превращает нас в инвалидов»: Доктор Мясников советует «ходить по большому» на корточках

“The modern toilet turns people into people with disabilities. In the old days, the man walked around a large squatting. Try to squat and you immediately feel that you have strained almost everything. You have at this moment working all the muscles of the pelvic floor and feet. You try this position and then without a support stand. But all the current comforts we actually transform ourselves into people with disabilities,” said Dr. butcher.

In addition, the doctor added that low physical activity has long turned into a global problem and continues to claim the lives of a huge number of people. According to him, sedentary lifestyle is one of the main causes of the many cancers and diseases of the cardiovascular system, including heart attacks.

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