The three types of tea, successfully relieving headaches

Foreign experts presented the three types of tea that can successfully get rid of the headache. One of them is a drink with chamomile, according to the Indian website Bold Sky.

Названы три вида чая, успешно избавляющие от головной боли

While most causes of headaches is not a sign of life-threatening diseases, discomfort can be quite a painful and considerably reduces quality of life. Most often the condition is caused by stress and stressful component, so tablets are not necessary. In particular, the problem able to solve chamomile tea, which has anti-inflammatory action. Furthermore, it is very useful for people with diabetes due to their glucose-lowering properties. The drink is recommended to drink for stress, strong emotion, uncontrollable nervous excitement, but also with involuntary muscle tension for relaxation.

Not worse with the task copes tea from peppermint. The herb has a calming effect on the body, relieving headaches, anxiety and stomach problems due to the fact that contains menthol and methyl salicylate, both of which have antispasmodic effect. You can also use it in the form of oil applied to the forehead.

If the headache is caused by stress, the tea from lemon balm will allow you to quickly relax. Therefore herbalists recommend it for those suffering from migraine. Included in the list, and cloves, which should be poured with boiling water.

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