The theater near Vilnius won't be left out of the “posture of politics”

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The theater near Vilnius won't lose its

The Vilnius Old Theater (the largest Russian Drama Theater in Lithuania) is being watched by the show of authors’ performances, as if they were highlighting the war against Ukraine, supporting DELFI.

"After all, new facts were revealed about the citizens of Russia, who are the authors of p & # 39; es, performances or defenders of copyrights, the theater, praising the decision not to show performances, which supersede yoga values, & ndash; said in a press release to the theatre.

Ochіlnitsa theater Olga Polevikova confirmed that the theater has relied on work with these authors and does not have new projects with Russian authors. the authors, although they did not openly express their position about the war in Ukraine. At the same time, the theater is reviewing the repertoire and agreements with the authors, laid down before the war.  

Russian culture, like m & # 39; go to see the attendants. 

Narazi theater announced that it was watching the performance of the performance "Volya" (behind the creations of Vasil Shukshin), "Utopia (Mikhailo Durnenkov), "Lod" (after Volodymyr Sorokin's novel), "Bastard Kohannya" (Pavlo Sanaev), "Girku" (Oleksiy Zhitkovsky).

These days, in the minds of the war, a lot of cultural entries are made without the Russians. Previously, after the annexation of Krim, Russians did not talk about the majority of cultural and sports podias, telling about those that “culture poses politics”, sports poses politics” And so far.

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