The tenth package of sanctions is being prepared for Russia

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The tenth package of sanctions is being prepared for Russia

The idea of ​​the sanctions policy is to show the world and to the Russians themselves, that as long as the country continues its aggressive war, it has no future. Therefore, conditions are being created to reduce the export of Russian goods and increase the withdrawal of money from the Russian Federation. It is likely that the 10th package of sanctions will increase this.

“The main idea of ​​sanctions – so that Russia has fewer opportunities to have funds. This applies to the sale of certain goods, and the possibility of doing business in Russia. There is information that the money that was withdrawn from Russia in the 3rd quarter of 2022 was 26 times more than in the 3rd quarter of 2021. This largely affects the tax base of the Russian Federation. The money from which taxes were paid is withdrawn, which means that the budget does not receive it. The concept of the West – make it clear to everyone that Russia has no future until it stops the aggression that there will be less and less money. This is not a country that will save on its troops and propaganda. But what will save – So it is, for example, in medicine. There are already calculations that in the district hospitals of the Russian Federation, the cost of medicines has decreased by 32%. These are little things that gradually accumulate, – Ivan Us, an expert on international economic relations, said in a commentary to UNN.

The economist noted that the next package of sanctions may expand the range of individuals and legal entities. After all, there are still banks against which sanctions can be applied. In addition, there are active discussions that many Putin-supporting Russians can still safely travel to Europe.

“Even now they are discussing nuclear energy, the imposition of sanctions in this area. This will be additional pressure on the Russian Federation to demilitarize the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. Because for countries that are far from Ukraine, which may not be so interested in the course of the war, they constantly talk about the threat of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, because it is the largest in Europe. The developers of sanctions also see this, their concept – put pressure on Russia precisely through the nuclear industry”, – the economist believes.

So far, the Russian diamond mining industry is not subject to sanctions. The expert notes that according to information on Russian exports in 2021, hydrocarbons (oil, gas and their derivatives) were in the first place, and in the second – precious metals and diamonds.

“But if there is a threat in nuclear energy that Hungary may be against it, then in diamonds – Belgium. Because Antwerp – it is one of the diamond trading centers. However, I would like to hope that they will not be so active, because Russia – not the only supplier. But for Russia, diamonds play just a very important role. This is the second export item, and it will be painful for them to include diamonds in the 10th package of sanctions,” – marked Us.

The economist also suggested the likely inclusion in the sanctions of other countries that help Russia in armed aggression against Ukraine. One gets the impression that the West is trying to build a new so-called “axis of evil”, as it was during the Second World War in the form of Berlin-Rome-Tokyo. Only the new “axis” looks like this: Moscow-Minsk-Tehran-Pyongyang.

“Why is this being done? Because as soon as such an “axis” is spoken of, its opponents immediately take one side. That is, when we say that Tehran is joining Moscow, this means that Saudi Arabia and Israel are joining the anti-Russian coalition. When we talk about Pyongyang – here Japan and South Korea. And most likely, the 10th package of sanctions will make the world even more aware that there is a problem not only in Russia, but also in Russia’s cooperation with Iran and North Korea, – said the expert.

In addition, sanctions against Belarus are being actively discussed, which to a certain extent, although not directly, is involved in the war against Ukraine. The economist believes that the developers of the sanctions policy are studying in detail what else Belarus can earn on and cut off these sources of income. In addition, sanctions may be imposed on countries that help Belarus to circumvent the already imposed restrictions.

“That is, if it is established that, for example, Belarus sells building materials through a third country, then, perhaps, against the country that allows this, restrictions may be imposed. Thus, the motivation of other countries to give the opportunity to trade Belarusian goods is reduced, – considers Us.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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