The tenth package of sanctions against Russia is being actively prepared

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The tenth package of sanctions against Russia is being actively prepared

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Brussels is accelerating work on the 10th package of sanctions against Russia so that it will be ready before the EU-Ukraine summit scheduled for early February in Kyiv.

In recent days, Brussels is gaining momentum work on the next package, and the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen spoke about this on Tuesday. According to the sources of the publication, this rhetoric is followed by specifics. Andrzej Sadosz, Poland's permanent representative to the EU, confirmed this in an interview with PAP.

“The work has really accelerated. Poland, among a group of like-minded countries, is now making proposals for further sanctions. Strengthening existing restrictions is also an ongoing process,” he said.

According to one EU diplomat, the forthcoming EU-Ukraine summit is the reason for the acceleration, and the approaching anniversary of the start of the war is also a catalyst.

EU diplomats are reluctant to talk about the details of the new package, because, as they emphasize, it is important not to lose surprise effect.

According to PAP, another attempt will be made to impose sanctions on the export of Russian diamonds. “The cost of exporting diamonds to the Russian budget is estimated at 4.5 billion euros. This is a considerable amount,” said one of the EU diplomats.

The new sanctions should also apply to products potentially used by the Russian military.

Sanction lists should also be expanded to include others responsible for Russian aggression against Ukraine and war crimes.

New sanctions are also expected to be imposed on Belarus for continuing to support Russia's military actions against Ukraine. In this case, as one of the diplomats stated, we are talking about “synchronization of Belarusian sanctions with Russian ones, especially sectoral ones, in those areas where Minsk cooperates militarily with Moscow.”

The adoption of sanctions in the EU always requires unanimity . In this regard, some diplomats fear that Hungary may delay the introduction of new restrictions, as it has done in the past. “The Hungarians have already announced that they will not agree with some of the names on the sanctions lists. We can expect further aggravation of relations with Budapest,” one of the representatives of the EU countries told PAP.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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