The tendril embroidery, Beleniuk requests a face mask, and Harlan – awesome social sports stars – quarantined

The fun of Instagram-the life of the famous Ukrainian athletes for the last day

Ukrainian athletes wearing vyshyvanky, sweating in the training halls and open the swimming season. From Moustache to Beloded, from Harlan to the Belenko – we gathered the most interesting of Instagram-the life of sports celebrities in the country over the past day.

One of the most emotional fighters of the country’s Denis Berinchyk has congratulated Ukrainians on the Day of embroidery, posted a photo with his friend-boxer Oleksandr Usyk. The one pictured also in the Ukrainian national shirt with green embroidery. “Vitayu, dorog friends!” – signed frame in the Ukrainian language Berinchyk.

Unbelievable embroidery is the Olympic champion of Atlanta-1996 Lilia Podkopayeva. “Exquisite symbol of Ukraine”, – said the gymnast, showed herself to be a beauty in several embroidery.

World champion in the triple jump and MP Olha saladukha generally demonstrated igniting the mixture – dress-embroidery and stiletto heels. The already elegant athlete in the gown looks like a Queen!

“My outfit for today,” wrote another member of the athlete Jean Beleniuk, who appeared in jeans, shirt and jacket over it. “Jean, as in the Day of cosmonautics you in the face mask did not go?” – asked him one of the subscribers. What world champion in Greco-Roman wrestling with a sense of humor replied: “I simply do not Have. If you give it to me, I undertake to congratulate all the astronauts! In General since the childhood dreamt of a helmet”.

Olympic champion in fencing Olga Harlan managed to convey the flavor of the 19th century – in the irresistible embroidered dress sablistka sat on the chest at the window of the Ukrainian house and started sewing a new product, as once the girls before the wedding. With Olga even though the picture write!

From the bronze prize-winners of the Olympic games in rhythmic gymnastics Anna Rizatdinova also eye-catching.

In the face obvious – bursting with pride. It is in the national shirt are the best tennis player of Ukraine Sergiy Stakhovsky.

But no one embroideries reminded myself today in social networks Ukrainian sports stars. Here’s how vigorously practicing karate Angelica Telugu.

Ukrainian mixed martial arts star Svetlana Gotik acted as a coach lay down on the shoulder and allowed to bash yourself on top of one of his students. In the end, Light praised ward, saying that she “was charged in each blow”.

Well, the world champion in judo Daria Beloded in the red swimsuit is already opened the swimming season!

See how a parrot on his shoulder at home practicing the world champion synchronized swimming Elizabeth yahno

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