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The technical characteristics of the modernized French fighters that Ukraine will receive have become known

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun7,2024

The technical characteristics of the modernized French fighter jets that Ukraine will receive have become known

France, within within the limits of military aid, plans to deliver Mirage 2000 fighter jets to Ukraine. President Emmanuel Macron said that the planned for delivery of the fighters will be in version Mirage-2000−5, writes Military.

«Tomorrow (June 7 — ed.) we will start a new cooperation program and announce delivery of the Mirage 2000−5 series — of French combat aircraft, which will allow Ukraine to defend its land and airspace», — said Macron.

Mirage 2000−5 — it is a modernized version of the French fighter Mirage 2000. The plane received a new radar, an updated cockpit with three multifunctional indicators and other improvements. The fighter is equipped with an advanced weapon control system under the index PDLCT-S. It makes it possible to use the entire range of weapons available in the air-to-ground class of the French Air Force: from conventional bombs to cruise missiles, as well as bombs with laser and thermal imaging guidance.

To enable the use of an outboard laser targeting container, two JVN displays were installed on the aircraft: one for the pilot and one for the navigator. They were used to reproduce cartographic images or a picture from an overhead container camera. In addition, a special VTL screen was installed, which was used to display navigation information, as well as data on speed, altitude, course and other important data.

For better awareness of the pilot and navigator in the space on board, a a radar exposure warning system that notifies of capture by enemy radar. In addition, an EPAK countermeasure container containing thermal and dipole traps is additionally installed.

The aircraft is equipped with an Antilope 5 pulsed Doppler radar, which is used in conjunction with the autopilot to automatically navigate the terrain at low altitudes. In addition, it provides accurate navigation thanks to the map reading system and is integrated into the on-board weapon control system for operation in any weather, day and night. In addition, it is a complement to the guidance of high-precision weapons, such as air-to-surface missiles and bombs with combined homing warheads.

To date, the device has undergone a comprehensive modernization, which included improvements to the ULISS 52P navigation system with Global Positioning System capability, an ICMS 2 countermeasure upgrade, which has an improved SERVAL radar exposure warning system and Chameleon Jammer and Spirale thermal and dipole trap containers.

In addition, the Link 16 system was installed , which makes it possible to use airborne weapons more effectively and exchange information with allied aircraft in real time.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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