The team of Viktor Pavlik became a businesswoman and opened a vlasny shop

The team of Viktor Pavlik became a businesswoman and opened a vlasny shop

Viktor Pavlik's team became a businesswoman and opened the store

The team of Viktor Pavlik's matchmaker Kateryna Rep’yakhova shared a sing-song with the chanters.

So, the team of Viktor Pavlik Katerina Rep’yakhova, yak dovgo she intrigued the shanuvalniks on her right, she made them secret, she took up some kind of business.

Katerina became a businesswoman she fell asleep in the vlasny brand clothes for children. About scho rose in Instagram. “There is a soul here. Our children – the best thing that trapleyaetsya with us in this life. coming soon… ” – told Rep & # 8217; Yakhova.

Narazi Katerina is ready to sell the speech of high-quality production, picking up fabrics and using models. And soon there will be the first photo session of speeches for the store. On top of that, Pavlik’s squad reminded me, they’re working on stinks over packaging, labels and tags.

< p> It's good that the name of the brand became the son of Katerina Rep’yakhova and Viktor Pavlik – the single Mikhasik. Before the speech, the store was also named after him – mimish.

Fanny Katerini cheered her success with the start-up and knew that they were already ready to work on the prayer: “I welcome you to the store! I’ll make a promise for my titmouse”, ” Wee – well done! All weide”, “Check for stylish clothes for our children. I wish such passion and love to do it to your own, like at once, even on a rich, rich rock!”.