The team doctor of the USSR and Russia Savely Myshalov: Coronavirus invented in the laboratory

Experts the RFU has developed a special anti-virus Protocol to resume games in the championship and Cup of Russia. Sports doctor Savely Myshalov, who for 24 years worked with the national team of Russia and the USSR, evaluated the effectiveness of innovations, and also shared his thoughts about the origin COVID-19.

Врач сборной СССР и РФ Савелий Мышалов: Коронавирус изобрели в лабораторных условиях

Savely Myshalov said that to reduce to zero the risk of infection by coronavirus is impossible, because it is even on the Elevator button. Medic believes that in football it’s impossible to create conditions with full sterility because COVID-19 may will be transferred in a collision on the playing field and supply products, as well as the families of the team members, the technicians and any random people. “The Germans started, let’s see how they. If the resumption of the championship, the pandemic will subside, maybe you are lucky”, − concluded the expert.

Of great interest is the position Savely Myshalov regarding the origin of the coronavirus. He is confident that COVID-19 originated in the laboratory. This is the conclusion the doctor had pushed its unique characteristics, because it is clingy and not killed.

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