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Two lower courts refused to hear their constitutional appeal because it had become obsolete and would have unnecessarily consumed time and resources .

The Supreme Court of Canada seized of the obligation vaccination.

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A traveler in an airport checks her vaccination passport on her phone, while holding a mask and a boarding pass .

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After being rejected twice, the Legal Center for Constitutional Freedoms does not budge: the compulsory vaccination of Canadian passengers during the pandemic was illegal and unconstitutional. He therefore announced, Thursday, that he is asking to be heard before the Supreme Court of Canada on the subject of the constitutionality of the vaccination passport in transport.

In November 2021, the Trudeau government required all travelers on federally regulated transportation (air, rail and marine) to provide proof of their COVID-19 vaccination.

The Alberta-based Law Center for Constitutional Freedoms says such a restriction violated its clients' freedom of movement as guaranteed by the Charter.

He estimates that 5.2 million unvaccinated Canadians were unable to travel by plane or train during this period.

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