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La Supreme Court debates the ineligibility of Donald Trump

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The Supreme Court of the United States

Agence France-Presse

Do Donald Trump's actions during the storming of the Capitol make him unelectable? The judges of the American Supreme Court appeared Thursday keen to defuse this explosive issue by raising multiple objections to the disqualification of the ex-president.

Less than nine months before the presidential election, the arch-favorite in the Republican primaries is demanding the annulment of the decision in December by the Colorado courts ordering his removal from the ballots in this western state. country.

Legal commentators argue about the validity and political expediency of such a procedure. But everyone agrees that the court with a conservative majority, burned by its controversial decision in 2000 giving victory to Republican George W. Bush over Democrat Al Gore, is keen to avoid giving way to suspicions of ;election interference.

For nearly two hours, most of the judges, regardless of their orientation, were careful not to venture into the minefield of qualifying the actions of Donald Trump during the assault on the Capitol but insisted on the legal obstacles and the potential fallout from a confirmation of the Colorado decision.

In this hypothesis, the President of the Court, the conservative John Roberts, worried about a possible chain reaction in which states controlled by Republicans would in turn disqualify the Democratic candidate.

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