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The Superior Court rejects a request for the former mayor of Chandler

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The former mayor of Chandler, Louisette Langlois. (Archive photo)

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The Superior Court of Quebec rejected a request from the former mayor of Chandler, Louisette Langlois, which aimed to put an end to legal proceedings brought against her by the City of Chandler.

In her appeal, Louisette Langlois requested that the behavior of the City of Chandler be considered abusive and requested the rejection of a request instituting proceedings by the City of Chandler.

A request to initiate proceedings is the first step to follow in pursuing a civil suit against a person or company.

Louisette Langlois also requested $2,500 in damages to compensate for extrajudicial fees incurred.

The conflict has continued for many years between the City of Chandler and the former mayor.

In a motion filed in 2022, the City of Chandler sought to recover $230,410.97 from the former mayor for costs incurred in defending her in connection with x27;violations of the Code of Ethics.

In 2020, Louisette Langlois was found guilty by the Quebec Municipal Commission of 20 of the 21 breaches of which she was accused in matters of ethics and professional conduct and was suspended for 180 days.

In his judgment rendered on February 2, judge Daniel Beaulieu rejected the arguments presented by Louisette Langlois who invoked legal delays. The judge found that the parties accuse each other of not respecting certain deadlines provided for in the trial protocols.

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According to the judge, it appears that both parties have their respective faults regarding the progress of the case.

In the opinion of the court, there is no reason here to reject Chandler's application to institute proceedings, due to an abuse of procedure. Thus, Langlois' request must be rejected, with legal costs, ruled judge Daniel Beaulieu.

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