The subject of their separation continues to give something to talk about.

The reports do not stop on the consequences of the announced separation of soccer player Gerard Piqué and Colombian singer Shakira last June.

Since the moment in which both confirmed the news, a wave of news about the future of both and of Milan and Sasha, their two children.

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What is the agreement?

In recent days there has been talk of the problems that the Barcelona defender is going through, who is not clear about his outlook in the Catalan club.

He has always been one of the benchmarks for Barcelona and the Spanish national team , but the defender has lost strength at the club.

At 35 years old, Piqué has been relegated to the background and everything indicates that ownership in the Catalan team is a matter of history.

Although he has won everything, because his personal problems have not allowed him to raise his head and in Spain there is talk that he is not untouchable in the club.

Shakira, it is said, has gone to live in the United States and the issue of child custody comes up.

It is noted that the couple reached an agreement in recent days regarding this delicate issue.

'La Vanguardia' ensures that Shakira returned to her house in Ciudad Diagonal de Esplugues de Llobregat
in order to deliver it to Milan and Sasha to Piqué during the next two weeks . It is said that the Colombian will go to the soccer player's apartment in the center of Barcelona to leave the children.

The publication assures that both reached an agreement and that the children will stay with Piqué for a few days, but they are far from reaching a definitive agreement regarding their custody.

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