The “strong” Russian army can be discredited by a popular Ukrainian song

The “strong” Russian army can be discredited by a popular Ukrainian song


Two wives, who appeared in the Crimean Tatar village, sang the Ukrainian song "Chervona Kalina", were recognized by the Bakhchisaray court.

Yak Doldomlyat Krimski Zmi, Veverdannya Vidzko was 22 Godni 13 Veresnya, Zhinok was guilty of the Publichny DIAS in the discredit of the Russian Army (Art. 20.3.3 Code of Administrative Offenses) I propaganda organized. >

Calling for Art. 20.3, as if transferring the arrest, it became possible to zavdyaki visnovki "fahivtsya" about those words from the song "Chervona viburnum" It was the deadly organization of the OUN, which was fenced off from Russia. Prote, as s & rsquo; yasuvali journalists, sim "fahivtsem" є Dmitro Borisov – a teacher of history in one of the schools of the Simferopol district, who repeatedly gave interviews with a clearly pronounced anti-Ukrainian position.


Earlier, Ahtem Gemedzhi and Elvira Abdullayeva were arrested in the same court for those who put one as a DJ, and the other as an organizer allowed the sound of a Ukrainian song.

The court found the first guilty and recognized the penalty in front of the judge to a fine of 30,000 rubles for one article and 10 dib of administrative arrest – for another.

Crimean journalists inform that Akhtem Gemedzhi called the one who, having put a song with the words "please brothers in the Ukrainian and Moscow kaydanivs", that publicly discredited the Russian victors ;Ukrainian nationalists". Another call was made for the fact that the song was never beaten up in Russia by the OUN.

Elvira Abdullaev, who gave credit for organizing a party at the restaurant "Arpat" she allowed the Ukrainian song to be sounded, the court found guilty of the same statutes, found a fine of 30,000 rubles and a five-degree administrative arrest.

on the quiet, who sang “nationalistic songs and pro-Ukrainian scandals went out”, checks “attracted to the criminal level, exile from the settlement and, in particular, the conduct of business”. Restaurant included in the type of electricity and started for re-verification by the regulatory authorities. On April 14, the Leninsky District Court gave Krim 10 decibels of arrest to a DJ for those who put on the song "Wild Field" in one of the karaoke bars in Shcholkino toy. Nadali vodochivalnik, like a zamova song, so also acquittals and taking away the punishment in front of a fine.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich