The stroller is chosen by “clothes”

The stroller is chosen by “clothes”

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 The stroller is chosen by "clothes"

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What progress has come to!.. No, they didn't guess right. We are not talking about his “unseen miracles”; – let's talk about how to properly (correctly, beautifully and most importantly conveniently) meet the birth of a new person.

Let's start with the fact that in the modern world with its crazy rhythm, the very decision to have a baby, alas, becomes a feat. Someone else has not built a career, someone is afraid of all kinds of cataclysms and thinks “what if”, someone simply does not have enough money to feed themselves, and there is no need to talk about children at all, but for someone it's just a choice .

 Stroller is chosen by "clothes"

In any case, the birth of a child – this is not just an act, it is a whole feat. And what about the birth of a third child in the family? Yes, it's just a heroic feat! And if after a nine-year break? Bingo – Parents-heroes «Oscar to the Studio»! And in the "set" with “Oscar” also the “parent package” with dance songs around the crib, sleepless nights from the diaper period; up to the fourth grade, when there is already “someone to talk to.”

Thus, the usual (natural) process turns into a real “special operation”.

 The stroller is chosen by

No, don't think that I'm trying to scare future parents – NOT ON YOUR NELLY. My main task – share experience, tell how to properly prepare for the most important event in the life of parents – the birth of a child (and I have one – I have three buttons).

To begin with, let's think about where any preparatory process begins? That's right, from purchases (and often for oh-oh-oh-chen tidy sums). It would seem that everything is clear and understandable: the first child – all the best, the second – we won’t offend either, but we’ll get something from the first one. But with the third, everything is different, and I'll tell you why.

As observations and life practice show, the first baby is almost always born in parallel with friends and acquaintances. And it's cool – you can not only go out with friends, but also exchange things.

 Stroller is chosen by

The second child is born. And here we were lucky, because all global purchases – the same baths, cribs, strollers and even pots, – you don't have to do it, you probably have them.

But with the third little ones, everything is not so simple. Some of your friends' children imperceptibly quickly grew up to teenagers, and someone does not even want to think in the direction of motherhood. And here you have to get out yourself.

I tried. The first thing I did was an audit of the storerooms – their own and friends. About a miracle, friends turned out to have a stroller that I bought for my first child (I don’t know by what miracle she survived to this day). Got it, took a look. Does he drive? Rides! Stylish-fashionable-comfortable? Stylish – yes, fashionable – not very (fashion dictates its own rules in these matters), convenient – no, because any mechanism tends to wear out, and strollers are no exception. After driving a little child, I realized – does not fit. We gathered a family council and decided: a one-year-old young man needs a new and his own, and not inherited, vehicle.

 The stroller is chosen by

And then, as they say, it started. Yes, in Israel the choice of strollers is rich, nothing to say, – for every taste, color and, of course, the thickness of the wallet. But with any Wishlist and budgets, you need to approach this very choice with feeling, sense, arrangement. I asked myself: what is a good stroller in my understanding? She answered: it should be strong, stable, maneuverable and at the same time light for everyone, with a comfortable and correct chair.

Everything is clear, no frills – my usual parameters, I thought, I was glad that I quickly decided (the experience of two children – is strength). But I remembered the long, exhausting shopping trips in search of the stroller I needed, and drooped.

As it turned out, in vain. I made a mistake with the conclusions and was very glad about it. By chance, almost at the very beginning of my search, I saw an interesting, and what's really there, wonderful, instance of a stroller, which influenced my final choice.

 The stroller is chosen by

The first thing that caught my eye, – these are absolutely chic colors: from variegated colors to the royal combination of white, black with neat inserts of gold stripes. For a boy, it looked simply extraordinary, I instantly imagined my son in it (in order not to torment, I will say – we are talking about a new collection of Italian strollers Pegperego Selfie).

I approached, examine, compare with the given parameters and see that this is what I was looking for! The stroller is light, it can be easily, very simply, with one movement of the hand (!) Close-open, colors – chic! Not a stroller, but a gift of fate! You no longer need to hold the child in one hand, the other – trying to fold the stroller, and at this time everything falls, collapses, falls. And then I pressed just one button and voila!

Inspired, I began to look further at the miracle of children's technology and discovered another innovation: if you fold the bumper of the stroller, it becomes a convenient carrying handle! Agree, this device – a godsend for moms!

 Stroller is chosen by

Let's go further – sustainability. Despite its lightness, this stroller proved to be really stable. How I didn’t shake her, how I didn’t move – it doesn't roll back. That is, with any wrong movement, she stands still, she is not even afraid of a baby bag hanging from behind and stuffed to the eyeballs.

 Stroller is chosen by

But that's not all! Another important factor in favor of the stroller was the ability to expand it almost 180 degrees. This was immediately appreciated by the future owner of the “vehicle”: as soon as I laid it out, the baby quickly lay down and sniffed almost instantly (well, why waste time in vain – let the adults talk to themselves).

Maneuverability. I won’t describe for a long time, I’ll say this: it’s easy and simple to control the stroller with one hand, and this is very important, especially in those moments when you, being like on a walk with a baby, are trying to bring food home in all the bags of the world in one go.< br />

 Stroller is chosen by "clothes"

Did you think that was all? Not! Another feature of the stroller – 50+ UV protection. Of course, it is difficult to measure this function, but with our scorching Sun, this is a very nice bonus. But what really needs to be appreciated is the roof of the stroller – it is very large and strong enough.

And about the main – what is the price of such a miracle of transport. I thought that my “Wishlist” will cost, if not all, then quite a lot of money in the world. But even here I was wrong: the price surprised me and was very pleasant.

 Stroller is chosen by

By the way, one more thing: I personally did not need a cradle for a stroller. But if there is a need for it, manufacturers offer an additional modular model of Peg Perego Veloce Graphic Gold strollers, which is suitable for babies from the first days of their lives. Everything is perfect in it too – and stylish, and spectacular, and walking, and easy-maneuverable.

What choice did I make? I'm sure the answer is obvious: I bought it and for several months the little prince has been riding in this Italian stroller – both he and I are incredibly comfortable going for walks and shopping. Today I can say with confidence: nothing else, even if there were a million other opportunities, I would not choose – only Pegperego Selfie! I use it myself and recommend to others. Believe me, moms and dads, this investment will serve you and your kids well!

Author: Alena Chernykh

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