The strangest mergers between the great Latino and Hollywood stars

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The internet, social networks and the current impact of music in Spanish has allowed more than one famous person, of different nationalities, to be able to pose, sing or live with “unreachable” figures


Marco Ruíz

, in 2013, not only gave him the opportunity to meet valuable talent, but also left him with great friendships with Simon Cowell and Kelly Rowland . In particular, that friendship blossomed with Demi Lovato, with whom he has since interacted and recorded funny videos on social networks that happened behind the scenes.

The strangest fusions between the great Latino and Hollywood stars

Paulina Rubio and Demi Lovato were judges on the singing reality show The X Factor USA, in 2013 (Photo: Twitter/@paulinarubio)

The Golden Girl has also shared a friendship with Miley Cyrus, whom she did not hesitate to defend when the Wrecking Ball singer made one of the most controversial image and music changes in history, which earned her the title from the Queen of Twerking.

 The strangest fusions between the great Latino and Hollywood stars

"La Chica Dorada" strongly defended Miley Cyrus in 2013 (Photo: Twitter/@paulinarubio)

“We have to leave her alone. When you start so young you have to find different ways to be yourself and I think she's getting there. She's talented, she's young, she's cute; she can do whatever she wants ”, declared Paulina Rubio during the reality show.

Michael Jackson at Thalia's wedding

The strangest fusions between the great Latin and Hollywood stars

Michael Jackson gave Thalía a rose (Photos: Twitter/thali -fanmx)

The event that took place on 5th Avenue in New York, in the United States, revealed a $350,000 dress that was the subject of conversation in the international media thanks to the work done by its designer, the Mexican Mitzy. And although there were many more personalities, the arrival of the King of Pop completely eclipsed the ceremony, which even the groom himself –Tommy Mottola– was surprised, as told by the Mexican fans.

The interpreter of great pop classics such as Smooth Criminal, Thriller or The Way You Make Me Feel,He entered the luxurious event with a red rose in his hand, which some of those present at the wedding claimed, he gave it to Thalía.

Christina Aguilera is a fan of Lucero

The strangest fusions between the great Latino and Hollywood stars

Christina Aguilera confessed to Lucero that she was her fan (Photo: Instagram/@luceromexico)

Difficult as it may seem, Lucero recounted on her YouTube channel her experience recording in 1998 the song Mi reflejo, from the film Mulán, and which in the English version of the film was performed by Cristina Aguilera.< /p>

“We went to record the video in Orlando, at the amusement park, and the great anecdote at the end of the recording is that the production people tell me: 'Lucero there is a person who wants to meet you, say hello and take a picture with you because he really likes what you do', I answered: 'Of course, delighted with life'”, he began.

The impact came later: “I asked who it was and they answered that Christina Aguilera. And I: 'How does Christina Aguilera want to meet me?', I want to meet her'. I had heard her spectacular version in English and I was fascinated, she was not an artist as popular as today that we all locate her, and I said 'How exciting and how nice that she wants to meet me,'” she added, detailing that it was thanks to the fact that her grandfather de Aguilera was Ecuadorian and knew about her career.

Jennifer Lopez stopped a concert just to say hello to Gloria Trevi!

Although much of JLo's career has somehow had connections to Mexico after her portrayal of Selena Quintanilla, in 2017 La Diva del Bronx stopped a show in Las Vegas when he realized that the Mexican singer, Gloria Trevi, was among the attendees, who incidentally took her by surprise.

The strangest fusions ;as among the great Latino and Hollywood stars

Jennifer Lopez Gloria Trevi in ​​2017, from Las Vegas (Photo: Instagram/@gloriatrevi)

“Today we have a special guest. Gloria Trevi is here tonight. Gloria, thanks for coming,” said Jennifer Lopez, after the show ended, inviting her to her dressing room and taking selfies that went viral.

The impact that music in Spanish is having in the world, will allow this list to only be the beginning of more fusions between celebrities that previously seemed unattainable.

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