The story of the Uruguayan soldier who fights the Russian invasion in a special unit of the Ukrainian army

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“Teddy”, 26, said that he wanted to contribute his military experience in this war in which “clearly there is an aggressor and a victim”< /h2>

The story of the uruguayan soldier who fights the russian invasion in a special unit of the Ukrainian army

Teddy is a 26-year-old Uruguayan soldier who has been fighting with the Ukrainian Army since the invasion of Russia began on February 24, 2022.

A Uruguayan soldier is fighting in the Ukrainian army, in a group of special missions that tries to stop the Russian invasion.

The group is made up of 12 combatants: six Americans, one French, one English, one Portuguese, one Moldovan, the Uruguayan Teddy and the commander, who is Ukrainian. “The only Ukrainian in the group is the commander, the officer; he receives orders from the commander of the international legion, but he is under orders from the Armed Forces of Ukraine”, indicated the Uruguayan military.

“I feel very comfortable working with them and there is like a very strong bond is formed as a certain brotherhood. Something that I like about these people is that they transmit confidence”, he added in an interview with Telenoche de (Channel 4).

In this sense, Teddy explained that in the preparation phase they had training sessions in military bases with an “impressive” infrastructure. “Then we went to kyiv, the capital, we had a few more classes on drones and then the administrative issue, and then we went through another selection process and there the group that was going to be in operations was finally formed,” he said.

In a dialogue with Telenoche de (Channel 4), Teddy said that he joined the war to “get the fruits” of everything he learned in his military training. “After so many years of military preparation, I wanted to turn it into something to get the fruit out of it to all this that I learned during that time,” he said.

Teddy said he doesn't keep track of how many people he killed, but he said that in war there is a “very disparate” universe.

“We are talking about a human life, at the moment it is simply a person who is shooting at me, it is a person who is doing the same as me, it is a combatant. After the fight, when one is calm, one can have another reflection, other thoughts regarding that, but in the fight itself one does not stop to analyze that type of thing”, he stated.

Why he went to war

The Uruguayan soldier maintained that he decided to fight for Ukraine because “in this war there is an aggressor and a victim”.< /p>

“Originally, when we saw the way Ukraine fights against Russia I think that everyone was moved, especially me, to see how many people without experience or without much equipment put up a fight against an army, which is supposedly the second largest army in the world,” he said.

Teddy stated that the pays It didn't motivate him at any time. “There is not enough pay to offer your life. There is a salary, but it is not the motivation; if it were that I would be doing something else differently. While there may be people who come for the pay, people come from all over the world. There is certain money that in other parts of the world yields much more than it does for us,” he explained.

On the other hand, the Uruguayan soldier said he did not tell him “directly” to his parents that he was going to join the Ukrainian Army.

The story of the Uruguayan soldier who fights Russian invasion in a special unit of the Ukrainian army

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky's call for foreign volunteers was taken for the Uruguayan soldier.

“I think they knew somehow, mainly my mother and my closest friends. I remember in the battalion where I was, I knew that I was about to leave, but you continue to prepare military equipment and at the same time we have the war. The president [Volodimir Zelensky] called for foreign volunteers and, knowing me, I think they were already suspicious, they just didn't want to accept it, they didn't want to accept it,” he said.

Teddy said that he does not plan to return to Uruguay “for now”. “At the moment what I think is that maybe I'll stay here until the summer, I could change those plans, it's not something I have established, I feel very comfortable working with this group, but for now what I think is summer, June , July, and then return to Uruguay, visit relatives and probably return here”, he said.

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