The stories of the possible victims have been accepted by the Argentine justice system.

The stories of the possible victims have been accepted by the Argentine justice system.

The last two years that Antioquia soccer player Sebastián Villa has spent in Argentina have been marked by strong complaints of assaults and abuse. This Friday, within the framework of the rape investigation against him, a new woman appeared who ratified part of the testimony of the victim of the case and, in addition, gave details of a possible new abuse by the player.

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To date , there have been three women who have denounced the soccer player for issues of gender violence and abuse.

The women who have accused Villa

The stories of the possibly affected have been received by the Argentine justice.

Daniela Cortés

On April 28, 2020, Daniela Cortés, Villa's ex-wife, posted photos on her social networks and accused the Boca midfielder of having hit her.

The accusations did not end and on April 30 Cortés confirmed his complaint before the judges. In fact, on May 4, the woman indicated that because of the beatings she would have received, she had also lost a son.

The effects of these complaints permeated Villa's career by October 12, 2020, when Atlético Mineiro was interested in hiring him, but the player could not travel outside of Argentina, due to the complaint.

Then, for a few months, Villa stopped playing with Boca Juniors. He finally reappeared in November 2020.

Since then he has maintained a steady competition pace. In fact, he comes from being a figure with the 'xeneize' team in recent weeks.

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Rocío Tamara Doldán

Rocío Tamara Doldán filed the complaint in the courts of Lomas de Zamora (Buenos Aires, Argentina) for an episode that would have occurred on June 26, 2021, in a house in a closed neighborhood of Ezeiza, close to the soccer player's home, to be part of a barbecue where several teammates from the Boca Juniors squad were,” reported the Argentine newspaper 'La Nación' at the time.

The complainant, who defined Villa as a “violent and aggressive” person, maintained that the Colombian player had ingested a large amount of alcohol, that he sexually abused her and that later a situation of attempted homicide was generated. “I thought he was trying to kill me,” Tamara said in her initial account.

The prosecutor in the case stated that it was necessary to detain the athlete due to a possible flight risk, since the penalty for the crime charged is six to 15 years in prison, not subject to release from prison. However, the judge ruled that he had to delve into the case previously.

In this sense, the prosecutor had summoned Villa to make an investigative statement for this Friday. In any case, the meeting was postponed until the 30th due to the soccer player's sports agenda.

The third complainant

This Thursday, in the case of sexual abuse against Villa, a woman linked as a witness validated Doldán's accusations and provided documentary evidence of chats that she exchanged with her on Instagram. One of them is about the consequences of those days, and in another, more recent, she reproached him for having been called as a witness.

She was one of the people invited to a party that Villa organized at her house, after a barbecue with other players from the Boca squad. The entry of the second woman was recorded in the country entry book, which would confirm her presence at the meeting.

In addition to referring to the episode, in her statement, the witness provided information about another possible victim of Villa, according to the newspaper 'Télam'. He even said the name of this eventual victim, who was now called to testify this Friday, according to the Argentine journalist Mauro Szeta: “The new complainant assured that the soccer player attacked her in the same place and on the same day as the case of Tamara Doldán, but hours apart. He also said he hadn't spoken until now “out of fear.” embed] More news Egan Bernal breaks his silence on the vandalized mural in Zipaquirá Qatar World Cup 2022 achieved a 'record' of tickets sold, according to organizer Anthony Zambrano will not be in the Bolivarian Games: the reasons

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