The statement in which Casio warns Pique to stop promoting its watches is false

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A supposed press release has been circulating on the networks in which the watch brand would express that it has a neutral position regarding the “unfortunate situation” it is going through Shakira


Jorge Leonardo Alzate León

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The statement in which Casio warns Pique to stop promoting its watches is false

The commercial war in which the Japanese multinational Casio and Shakira would have entered, after the release of their song with the Argentine producer Bizarrap, “Music Sessions #53″, does not show signs of a possible truce.

The statement in which Casio warns Pique to stop promoting its watches is false

Shakira received a response from brands such as Mercadolibre, Casio and RenaultThe Colombian mentioned the reference for cars 'Twingo' and watches, to compare the change that Gerard Piqué had in transition to his relationship with Clara Chía


< p class="paragraph">The lyrics of the single, which in its first 24 hours reached 63 million views on YouTube —becoming the biggest Latin premiere in the platform's history— draws some comparisons with brands of cars and watches of high and medium range.

Among which, as a rhyme, he mentions: “You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo” and “You traded a Rolex for a Casio”. Unleashing a wave of memes that the watch company even decided to adapt and share on its profile.

The statement in which Casio warns Pique to stop promoting its watches is fake

Piqué not only cheated on Shakira: Casio was also a victim and the memes take their toll on himThe soccer world champion in 2010 confirmed commercial agreements with the Casio and Renault brands after his ex-partner's song


We love that this splashes us” reads his official Instagram account @casiorelojes_es, referring to another fragment of the song.

But also, the Internet trolls took advantage of the controversy generated by the song to create fake Casio profiles, in which they began to share all kinds of memes and even a false press release in which “as a brand”, They distance themselves from the alleged commercial announcement made by Gerard Piqué, during a Kings League broadcast:

The statement in which Casio warns Pique to stop promoting its watches is false

What is the price of the Rolex with which Marcelo Ebrard was caught in 2020Marcelo Ebrard appeared, in 2020, in a video next to President López Obrador, where he tried to hide a Rolex watch peeking out of his shirt sleeve


“On Friday, January 13, 2023, various versions circulated on social networks about a Casio sponsorship of a project directed by Gerard Piqué. This information was disseminated based on the statements that the former FC Barcelona player made in a broadcast along with other characters”, the document states.

And he continues to “prevent” the former striker from using his brand name without prior consent: “Through this statement, Casio completely distances itself from said statements. So far there has been no agreement for said sponsorship or interest in carrying it out. We publicly ask Gerard Piqué to stop the unauthorized use of our brand and to avoid making statements that do not favor us in order to prevent legal action”.

Before making it clear that they are in solidarity with the “unfortunate situation” that the Barranquillera has been going through for a few months: “Regarding the opinions unleashed by the song released by Shakira and Bizarrap, we show solidarity in the face of the unfortunate situation that the singer has experienced and, although we are neutral about the situation of the two involved, we appreciate the mention of the brand that has benefited us significantly as a marketing and positioning strategy.”

Casio will informed Infobae Colombia that its brand has no relationship with this text.

Therefore, the supposition< is yet to be confirmed. /b> commercial agreement between Piqué and the multinational, with which the former player surprised, just two days after the release of the song.

“I announce that (…) Casio has not given watches. We have an agreement with Casio. The Kings League has reached an agreement with Casio”, was what he said emphatically in front of figures such as the former Argentine player Kun Agüero and the renowned Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos.

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