The state of mind of the urban traveler

The state of mind of the urban traveler

A few years ago I embarked on a fun challenge, the Morning Walk Project, without knowing that he was preparing me for the period of limited travel that we are currently experiencing.

For a whole month, I left home early in the morning to walk for an hour. I had given myself the instruction never to take the same loop twice, taking a different route each morning.


We walk on average one kilometer in 15 minutes, or 4 km / h. So I explored over 124 kilometers of streets and alleys around my neighborhood, in the east of the city.

Observing all the details before my eyes, in the gardens, on the fences, on the walls, in the windows of the houses, without an agenda, out of curiosity, for the pure fun of discovering, in the present moment. In short, I was entirely in the traveller’s state of mind.

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