The sports commentator has been one of the great critics of the winner of the second round.

Carlos Antonio Vélez has been one of the biggest critics of Gustavo Petro, who this Sunday became the new president of Colombia, after defeating Rodolfo Hernández in the second round.

Vélez, both on his social networks and on his radio space Palabras Mayores, had campaigned against of Petro, without mentioning him directly. When referring to him, he spoke of the 'lord of the bags'.

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Why does Vélez call 'lord of the bags' bags' to Petro?

The name is due to the episode that occurred in November 2018, when it was revealed a video in which a former collaborator of Petro, Juan Carlos Montes, handed him wads of money in bags. It was recorded in October 2005.

The Investigation Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, in June of last year, filed the investigation, considering that the facts had already prescribed and that there was no criminal act.

This is how Vélez reacted after learning of Petro's victory

After knowing the election results, in which Petro scored almost 11.3 million votes, Vélez reacted on his Twitter account, again without mentioning the president-elect.

“I hope that those who celebrate today in a few months receive what was promised so as not to have to tell them… “they were warned”.. from now on, permanent vigilance to avoid and make visible what we suspect they are going to do! And one thing +…don't mention God when you neither know nor respect him!”, wrote the sports journalist.

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Vélez has restricted his account, so only people he follows can reply to his messages. However, in about 100 trills quoted, Petro's followers strongly criticize him for his attitude.

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