The speaker of the LNA: Brigade MTO Libya has restored four fighter

The speaker of the Libyan national army (LNA) has reported on the achievements of the brigade logistics (MTO). The team were able to recover four fighters.

Спикер ЛНА: Бригады МТО Ливии восстановили четыре истребителя

According to the official statement, the combat vehicle was not damaged during military operations. Fighters just stood for a long time without proper maintenance. However, one skilled in the MTO brigades managed to restore the car, and now they are suitable not only for training flights but also for military purposes. The report did not mention the model of the fighters and the year of production is, therefore, to give an objective assessment of such a statement difficult. Still the speaker of the Libyan national army is confident that the vehicles will allow you to obtain the superiority in the air, and the pilots will be able to protect the sovereign borders of the state.

Also, the military said that the aid of Turkey the government of national consensus significantly prolonging the conflict. LNA long been able to end the confrontation in their favor, if not for the supply of arms to Ankara PNS. In addition, such actions by Turkey are contrary to the UN embargo, so they must be punished.

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