The Spanish footballer would take the lead.

Last June, the separation of Gerard Piqué and Shakira became known and more information about the news of the two, something that the media in Spain take care of.

The two already lead their ordinary lives, but the truth is that the legal issue is the one that takes all eyes.

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What whether or not they go out with another person, that they come alone at public events in the least, the key here is the separation of assets and custody of the children,Sasha and Milan.

Against the ropes

Shakira, apparently, even hired a private detective, they say, to have some evidence with which she is the favored one and stays with the two minors.

It is pointed out that, apparently, the woman from Barranquilla has a photo in which Piqué drives his car with Milan and runs a red light. Journalist Jordi warned that Martin.

However, Piqué would take the lead on that issue. It is said that Shakira wants to move to live in the United States, but Piqué would be against it.

Everything indicates that the laws of Spain would favor the Barcelona defender, since it will be difficult for them to live in the USA

Sasha and Milan were born in Spain, they study in that country, they recently resumed their studies, they have roots in that territory and have always lived there.

The above indicates that Sasha and Milan would be more on the legal side of staying with their father, or at least not going to live with their mother at all, which would be a low blow and strong for Shakira.

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