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Recently, the singer SOWA presented her new single “Tyho-tiho”. In this song, SOWA does not hesitate to share her own experience and the feelings that arise in each of us when we give our heart.

The Ukrainian singer presented a new confessional song “Tyho-tiho” and told about a turning point in her work. Watch the incredible clip on YouTube.

In this song, SOWA is not shy about sharing their own experiences and the feelings that each of us have when we give our hearts. love to such an extent that you begin to dream of a person. The point of this song is that it reveals an unhealthy relationship attitude. When this song was born, I sang it with a sense of shame and asked myself the question, how can you give yourself so much to another person, to a relationship? In the end, a person loses himself, the singer says.

According to the performer, the new song “Tyho – tiho” became a turning point and a new stage in her work. Moreover, the artist recently announced in her social networks that she ended cooperation with her manager. SOWA shared that such a decision opens up opportunities and freedom for her to develop.

The other day I finished working with my manager. The main reason for this decision was the stoppage of the development of my project. I want to note that this relationship turned out to be partly toxic, but I want to leave the details between us. In addition, on the sidelines of show business, you can hear a statement from my former PR manager that a person from my team influenced my decision to end cooperation with her. However, this is completely unfair to my smm manager. Since this is a decision, I thought about it for half a year, and no one could influence it. It is important for me to go further and reach new heights in my creativity. Therefore, despite all the changes, I am ready to continue showing new results and works to my listeners, SOWA shared.

“Quiet – Quiet” is not only a piece of music, but also a personal dialogue between SOWA and its listeners, where everyone can find feedback of their innermost feelings.

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