The son of the leader of a radical Mapuche group was arrested in Chile for arson attacks and threats

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Pelentaro Llaitul, son of Héctor of the leader of the Coordinadora Arauco Malleco, was arrested along with four other people

The son of the leader of a radical Mapuche group was arrested in Chile for arson attacks and threats


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The son of the leader of a radical Mapuche group was arrested in Chile for arson attacks and threats

Héctor Llaitul, leader of the Coordinadora Arauco Malleco (CAM) , and who is currently in prison. His son, Ernesto, is also behind bars. EFE/José Caviedes

The Chilean policeThe son of an emblematic radical Mapuche leader was arrested for having allegedly participated in arson attacks.

The incident occurred in the Araucanía region, south of the Chilean capital. It all started when a group of strangers arrived at the Galvarino sector to attack vehicles and forestry machinery and then escape in a stolen truck.

Subsequently, the suspects went to the area of ​​La Serena where they entered a farm to carry out an attack against a farm, which led to the destruction of machinery and the threat of people who were at the scene.

This led to a police operation that ended with the arrest of five people after a shootout. In one of the attacks, pamphlets were found alluding to the Coordinadora Arauco Malleco(CAM), a well-known Mapuche radical group whose leader is Héctor Llaitul and who is currently detained.

They arrested in Chile the son of the leader of a radical Mapuche group for arson attacks and threats

Members of the Coordinadora Arauco Malleco (CAM), a well-known group that operates in southern Chile.

From the Chilean prosecutor's office they explained that one of the five detainees identified himself as Pelentaro Llaitul, Héctor's youngest son. “His identity has been confirmed through the biometric system, but the precise confirmation through fingerprints will be obtained in the next few hours,” explained prosecutor Roberto Garrido.

The persecutor added that “these events in which these people would have participated affected forest machinery, trucks, they would also be linked to the theft of motorized vehicles.”

The case has drawn attention in Chile as this would be the third member of the Llaitul clan to fall into the hands of the police. The first was Héctor Llaitul who was arrested at the end of August, and who is accused of crimes such as theft of wood. He is joined by his son, Ernesto Llaitul, who is in pretrial detention and formalized for arson and frustrated homicide.

Who is Pelentaro

< p class="paragraph">According to information from, Pelentaro Llaitul would be the fifth and last child of the marriage between Héctor Llaitul and Pamela Pezoa. The site reported that “he has just graduated from secondary education, from the San José de Cañete Institute, with an average of 6.0″.

In the early morning of November 8, 2019, the police of Carabineros detained him and accused him of having participated in a robbery with intimidation that affected a service center in the center of the city of Concepción. His mother denounced that he had been mistreated and that for her everything was a setup.

In the wiretaps on Héctor Llaitul there are two audio recordings in which the leader is asked about his “Pele ”, to which the father responds that “it's fine, pulling up”. In another record, you can hear a complaint from Héctor against Pablo Marchant, a CAM member killed in 2021 in a confrontation with the Carabineros, stating that he “sends Pele to the clash, jerk, Pele.”

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