The son of Menna Jalal, the infant, is undergoing an operation, and the artist: My heart hurts me

September 13, 2021 by archyde

The artist, Menna Jalal, revealed that her son Salim had an operation, where she wrote on her account on the “Facebook” website: “I am writing this post because my son will do an operation and my heart will hurt me. A gift and she is my son Salim. Our Lord, I felt that I would not prefer Aisha to live alone, so he blessed me with a husband from the first time we saw each other. He said that I myself fell behind, and I said that if God wanted me to leave, he would do this, and frankly, from the hour of our marriage, he was seeking this topic, especially since I was 38 years old. “

Menna added: “I used to leave myself and keep a family before I completed 40 years. I went to such a doctor, and every doctor I go to tells me to do injections, and I was refusing the final until I found a phone from the singer Marwa Nasr saying, ‘Do not know how to do something’. May God send me Marwa to change my thinking, may God make her happy and bless her children, and indeed she went, and after exactly a month, the doctor said to me, “Congratulations. You are pregnant with a feeling that can never be described. New and different feelings, and I was happy while I was smoking and feeling my son and now, after Magh Selim, every thing I have has changed my feelings, my feelings and my love is just another thing.” And I kept my peace, and I still wanted to do many things for the sake of my son.”

And Mina continued: “I am waiting for him to speak and say, Mama, may God leave him for me because he is my support and my back and every need for me. Our Lord provides every girl with a creative succession, a sustenance and a change of life. I remained Aisha from the first and the new, because I have a great responsibility and she is healthy .. I love you.”

Menna Jalal’s infant son undergoes an operation

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