The son of a Chechen ex-official was detained in Moscow with money and unknown pills

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The son of a Chechen ex-official was detained in Moscow with money and unknown pills

Photo: Telegram Baza

In Moscow, the capital of the Rashist federation, Musa Khadzhaev, the son of an ex-official of Chechnya, was detained.

The Russian Telegram channel Baza reports that a Chechen is in the car Major found 13 million rubles and a package of medical capsules with a suspicious substance. Also in the car was the winner of the Russian MMA Championship.

The car was stopped at night, the inspectors asked the 23-year-old guy basic questions about the presence of banned substances, but the young man immediately gave himself away. Because of the excitement, he couldn't answer normally, so the law enforcement officers began to search the car.

In the salon found a package with suspicious capsules, and 13 million rubles in cash. On the passenger seat next to Musa was Abubakar Sibaev — silver medalist of the Russian championship in mixed martial arts. It is reported that he had a lieutenant of justice certificate with him. However, such documents did not help the men: the seized capsules were sent for examination.

Musa Khadzhaev had previously been convicted of theft. His father, Beslan Khadzhaev, has “misunderstandings” with the leader of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov. Until 2015, Beslan Khadzhaev was the head of the Achkhoi-Martan district of Chechnya. At that time, he angered Kadyrov by appointing his relatives as heads of posts. But his most important mistake before Ramzan — “attributing all the positive changes in  the area only to yourself”. Because of these mistakes in his biography, Beslan Khadzhaev was deprived of his post.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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