The soccer player and the artist met to discuss the topic of debate: the custody of their children.

The soccer player and the artist met to discuss the topic of debate: the custody of their children.

After months of rumors in which the entertainment media have sought to report every detail, Shakira and Piqué met again faces.

Piqué, no way out: they reveal his cunning 'modus operandi' to deceive Shakira Shakira talks about his friendly relationship with Ozuna VideoPiqué: the controversial decision that would bring him closer to Shakira and distance him from his new girlfriend < p class="content" id="p702809-m2643-3-2644">According to reports in the Spanish press, the Spanish soccer player and the Colombian singer met in Piqué's lawyers' office.

And everything, with a single reason: to define the custody of their children.

As it was learned, the meeting, despite the secrecy with which it was sought to lead, was very tense.

Piqué, as reported by 'La Vanguardia', left the venue.

Shakira, for her part, was encouraged and sheltered by dozens of followers.

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'There is never a last meeting'

The soccer player and the artist met to discuss the topic of debate: the custody of their children.

According to the videos circulating on social networks, the meeting between Piqué and Shakira would have started around 6 p.m. m., Spanish time.

At 7:30, says 'La Vanguardia', Piqué would have conspicuously left the venue where they were.

“The athlete is fed up with the endless delays to reach an agreement in this rocky negotiation, an ordeal of meetings, clauses and counteroffers unbearable. That's why he got up from the table and left the meeting with intemperate boxes. There was no way to convince him to continue in the office”, reports the Catalan media.

Then, about the 9,Shakira would have left the place while her fans chanted her name and expressed their support.

“For the visit with the lawyer, Shakira has left us very surprised. Empowered, slimmer, with maxi sunglasses sun and with a half smile on her face (…)
Very smiling and stopping to greet all of them, Shakira was most smiling”, reports 'CHANCE', from Europa Press, in a note that was titled “Shakira, empowered and Piqué, crestfallen: this is how the two have met to reach an agreement on the custody of their children”.

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Very little is known about the outcome of the encounter. However, when questioned by the paparazzi, Ramón Tamborero del Pino, Piqué's lawyer, stated that: “There is never a last meeting”.

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