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The Smashing Machine: Dwayne Johnson was injured on the set of his new film

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun13,2024

Dwayne Johnson may have just gotten THE role of his career. In fact, the actor will soon be there. the poster for The Smashing Machine, produced by A24. But no luck, The Rock got injured. during the filming of the film.

The Smashing Machine: Dwayne Johnson injured on the set of his new film

What is The Smashing Machine?

Directed by by Benny Safdie, The Smashing Machine will focus on a wrestling and MMA champion, Mark Kerr, who fought for years against painkiller addiction. All the lights are green in this still very mysterious project. Benny Safdie is a talented director who has signed small masterpieces of American auteur cinema such as Good Time with Robert Pattinson and Uncut Gems with Adam Sandler. As for The Smashing Machine, it is produced by the excellent distribution company A24.

The Smashing Machine: Dwayne Johnson was injured on the set of his new film

Born Born on December 21, 1968, Mark Kerr is best known for his success in MMA competitions in the 1990s and early 2000s.. Despite Following his competitive success, Kerr had personal problems, notably with addiction to painkillers and other substances, which affected his performance. his career and personal life. A documentary, already titled The Smashing Machine, released in 2002, looks back on his story, his successes and his addictions.

Dwayne Johnson not so solid

And there ;opportunity to take Dwayne Johnson, former wrestling star, in The Smashing Machine is the idea of ​​the century. The Smashing Machine should offer the former wrestler a real compositional role, which was lacking until now. present in his career already very busy. Dwayne Johnson, who does his own fight sequences,So he got injured. on the elbow during the filming of The Smashing Machine. The Rock announced the news, as usual, on his Instagram account:

If you make a movie called The Smashing Machine, there's a good chance it's going to hurt. I got fucked pretty good today in our scenes. But the pain is rather pleasant. Çit will do it. And as my father said: “A day without suffering is like a day without sunshine!”.

Dwayne Johnson will carry out a series of tests to assess the damage. If the actor came to If you are seriously injured, this could delay the production of the film. The Smashing Machine doesn't have a release date yet, but Dwayne Johnson will share the bill with Emily Blunt. The two actors have already performed shot together in the fun Jungle Cruise.

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