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The smartphone has fallen, but it continues to work: what every user needs to do

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May18,2024

The smartphone has fallen, but it continues to work: what every user needs to do

Falling a smartphone does not always lead to damage or malfunctions. 

A smartphone that has fallen can and continue to work normally. 

Usually, users who dropped their smartphone and did not see any signs of damage conclude: “Everything is fine, nothing terrible happened”. 

But it's too early to relax. It is also possible that the operation of the device is broken, but the owner does not notice it yet.

What to do if the smartphone fell, but continues to work

There is an important rule — after the gadget falls, you should immediately check its functions:

  • make sure that the touch screen works properly, continues to “react” to the touch It is important that there are no “dead zones”;
  • it is necessary to check the operation of the keyboard, all buttons must respond;
  • it is necessary to take several photos to make sure that the camera works properly;
  • you need to connect the headphones and the charger to check that the jacks are working. 

If the owner notices at least one problem, the device should be taken to the service center as soon as possible. 

If no violations are detected in the work, then you should not relax either. It is better to carefully monitor the condition of the smartphone. It is possible that problems appear later. 

What to do if the phone fell into water

Ukrainians were also reminded what to do if the smartphone accidentally fell into water. First of all, it is necessary to urgently remove it from the water and remove the battery from it. If your device does not remove the battery, you need to try turning off the phone. 

The next step — urgently deliver it to the service center. No life hacks, such as placing the phone in a container of rice, are effective. You will only waste time. Only specialists at the service center will be able to properly remove water from the device and preserve all its functions and prevent more serious damage. 

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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