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The Sims 4: Electronics Arts takes action to save the game

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May24,2024

Faced with the numerous bugs present in The Sims 4 which tarnish the players' games, Electronics Arts has finally decided to to react. The publisher will begin a plan to purify the game of all its “dirty laundry”.

The Sims 4: Electronics Arts takes action to save the game

Waiting for the sims 5

10 years ago now, The Sims 4 is a delight for life simulation enthusiasts. Despite its age, Maxis' hit is still varnished by new expansions, kits or DLC. Two new Kits, entitled Riviera Retreat and Cozy Bistro, will be available from May 30, 2024, and a new season, the “season of love” should also disembark soon.

A total of 79 DLCs have been released since 2014, and are still available for purchase. the purchase, asking the most complete to pay almost a minimum wage to add them all to the list. its toy library. And it’s Electronic Arts and Maxis who are rubbing their hands with it; The time when The Sims 5, aka the “Project Rene” seriously begins to take off. make yourself wait for an entire community.

The Sims 4: Electronics Arts takes action to save the game

EA begins plan to remove bugs

However, The Sims 4 is not free of flaws and bugs. The game is even literally littered with them. But Electronic Arts has decided to do so. to take the problem head-on raise your arms and announce the mobilization of a special team responsible for cleaning the game of its bugs.

On a message posted on X (Twitter) dedicated to &àgrave; community, EA announces that it has “established a team responsible for investing in the gaming experience, increasing both the number of patches and the frequency with which they are released.” which these stakes will be deployed.” 

A cleaning team responsible for eliminating bugs that EA calls“Dirty laundry list”.The publisher announces that it is deploying a first patch“later this month of May”before an update; day which should land every two months.

A message to our loyal community ud83dudc9a

Link to the Laundry List: https://t.co/GrYvp8Si0k pic.twitter.com/u4IhIDLbW8

May 23, 2024

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A message to you our loyal community

On the Sims 4 website, EA has detailed the this “Laundry List” for the sake of transparency and exchange with its community, which includes a good thirty problems that players regularly face. Furthermore, the publisher invites its members to Report other concerns in the Questions/Answers section. Finally EA suggests, “as is the case with any patch, to remove all external game mods and any custom content, as they may conflict with updates.”

This significant mobilization proves that EA and Maxis still intend to capitalize on their golden goose before focusing more seriously on The Sims 5

em>, whose world map was leaked; a few months ago.

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