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The Simpsons: this joke that has been requested for years has finally become a reality

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul11,2024

The shortest jokes are the best as the saying goes… But not for fans of The Simpsons and the American rap group Cypress Hill. Indeed, almost thirty years after having made this gag in an episode of Matt Groening's animated series, the rappers have finally realized it in life real life during a concert.

 The Simpsons: this joke that has been requested for years has finally become a reality.

A 28-year-old Simpsons joke recreated IRL

If you're a fan of the series The Simpsonscreated by Matt Groening, you are probably aware that the most famous family in the United States has the particularity of to be able to predict events that will occur in the future. We remember, for example, that the characters who live next door; Springfield hadpredicted Donald Trump's victory the American presidential election fifteen years before it took place or even the takeover of Fox by Disney and the events that occurred in Game of Thrones.

The Simpsons: this

Today, The Simpsonsgive us once again proof that they have this gift of prediction. Return to 1996 in the episode entitled; Homerpalooza. In this one, the public discovers the rap group Cypress Hill who, after having consumed cannabis, discovers that he organized a concert with the London Symphony Orchestra.

The Simpsons: this joke that has been claimed for years has finally become a reality

A joke requested by fans for years

Fans of the group, which has passed since more than 20 million albums worldwide and beyond; to whom we also owe the cult album entitled; Black Sunday released in 1993, have claimed for years now what the two groups come together for a concert to recreate the joke of the episode but in real life. The London Symphony Orchestra has regularly joked about on the possibility to carry out this concert on social networks until now. which the rappers finally accept the proposal. But it was on Twitter and in July 2019.

Finally, the joke came true. to the delight of Cypress Hill fans because the rappers shared the stage of the Royal Albert Hall with the London Symphony Orchestra this Wednesday July 10.

The Simpsons: this joke that has been claimed for years has finally become a reality

For the leader of the group, B-Real, this concert was “a very special moment and underlines the prestige of the places in an interview given to the BBC:

We played in many historic venues throughout our career but in nothing as prestigious as here. Thank you to the Simpsons because without this episode we would probably never have done that.

The London classical orchestra therefore worked to achieve this. on rearrangements of titles from the group such as Insane in the Brain or I Wanna Get Hight. Titles released in the 90s and which are likely to be appreciated by the new generation because they are currently a hit in streaming videos. millions of views on TikTok.

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