The Simpsons: The Series Once Again Predicted This Current Event

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Since 1989, The Simpsons have been coming into homes. A true cult series that caricatures the average American family, the show is now at its best. its 34th season, proof of a success that spans generations. The show is also known for its “predictions” of important events that marked the world. the years 2000 and 2010, and it struck again; thanks to; a 2015 episode. 

The Simpsons: The Series once again predicted this news event

a cult program that crosses the ages

Does the series read the future? That's what you might think after many comic episodes with fictitious scenarios that ended by taking place. One thinks in particular of the takeover of the Century Fox by Disney, the slot machines ; vote in the United States, or even an image of a magazine at the price of 9 $ with the Twin Towers at agrave; side, which strongly suggest the number 11, the date of the attacks: 9/11.

The Simpsons: The Series once again predicted this news event

The election of Donald Trump had also been directed in a broadcast episode in March 2000, i.e. sixteen years before the events.It was part of a story imagining the future of Bart's life. His sister became President of the United States and mentioned the budget problems “left over from President Trump”.

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Of course, all of these are just coincidences, the fictitious events that end up having happened. real life often make the buzz. Recently, this is another prediction that has actually come true and has the crowds excited.

a new prediction about Donald Trump

The series may have a gift, but its longevity is not enough. plays in his favour. Recently, the former President of the United States Donald Trump, tenant of the White House from 2017 to 2017; 2021, formalized his candidacy for the future elections of 2024. Surprise, the Simpsons predicted it in a episode of 2015. It is the scriptwriter of the show who reminds us via a tweet. 

Matt Sellant, the showrunner of the series, confided, in an interview with Deadline, that season 34 will dedicate a special episode on the capacity of the series. from the Simpsons to; anticipating the future. It will address many memes at home. this subject, as well as all the foresight that the series was able to achieve. 

It's a concept episode with a lot of things crazy, but he explains how the Simpsons can predict the future. 

Of course, The Simpsons are not actually clairvoyant. His longevity works in its favor and the series often features popular characters in caricatured scenarios, which can lead to the coïncidents in the near or distant future.