The simple explanation of Maverick Viñales about the accident: “You have to jump, you will stop”

The simple explanation of Maverick Viñales about the accident: “You have to jump, you will stop”

The Yamaha ran out of brakes and the Spanish rider did not hesitate to hit the asphalt to avoid a more dangerous situation

The simple explanation of Maverick Viñales about the accident:

Maverick Viñales didn't think about it. When he saw that his motorcycle was not braking he threw himself on the asphalt to avoid a more serious accident. “You have to jump, you will stop,” simplified the Spanish pilot his maneuver, after concluding the Grand Prix of Styria. His Yamaha ended up engulfed in flames after crashing, with no one on board, against the wall. A brave and impulsive decision that avoided a much more serious situation.

Among the causes of such failure, Viñales cited a “temperature” problem. “I was behind Dovizioso and it has never happened to me, since last weekend it worked well for me and I was behind more bikes and it was hotter, but today from lap four I was running out of brakes and was regulating.”

“I raised my hand for the riders behind, because I was braking too early because I had no brakes and I let the brake rest for two or three laps and he caught me again. I did 24 half and had Fabio and Valentino in the point of view to try to overtake them, but I have run out of brakes. Luckily there was nobody in front, “said Viñales.

“I would brake and the brake would stop and I would brake with the rear. There has been a time when I have slipped into turn four, when I raised my hand, so then I was calm, the brakes caught me again and I thought that the problem had been solved, but suddenly, there were no brakes again, “he stressed.

“The brake disappeared”

Viñales said he did not think it was a problem with the Yamaha. “I think they had no problems, they all braked well. I felt good, I was riding comfortable and I tried to overtake Dovizioso , but it was very difficult as he passed me very quickly on the straight and I had nothing to do,” he said.

“I left a bit of space to cool the front tire, but there was no way, now we have to forget these three races and the team is as surprised as I am, because this has never happened to us and as a team we all win and we all lose, for what you have to try to sit down and put things on the table, because the bike is not that it works amazing and we are getting two hundred percent, so you have to be calm, because everything can change from one race to the other “, Maverick acknowledged.

“I didn't want to go into the pits, I wanted to go on and on to at least scratch some point. I've been stubborn,” Viñales acknowledged, adding that he was not afraid. “I'm scared of nothing, I have felt a lot of anger because I have not been able to do anything. The brake has disappeared and I have not thought about it, I have thrown myself off the bike. But I have not felt fear because the circuits are safe enough so that if you have a problem so it has no consequences, “he stressed.

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