The Serbian defeated Australian Nick Kyrgios to claim his fourth Wimbledon title in a row.

The Serbian defeated Australian Nick Kyrgios to claim his fourth Wimbledon title in a row.

Despite a strong push from Australian Nick Kyrgios, Serb Novak Djokovic claimed the 2022 Wimbledon crown after three hours of play .

The Serbian defeated Kyrgios in a matter of four sets (4-6, 6-3, 6-4, 7-6).

Novak Djokovic is a Wimbledon 2022 finalist : Kyrgios, his rival Novak Djokovic advanced to the second round of Wimbledon

This is Djokovic's seventh Wimbledon title, the fourth in a row. It is his 21st grand slam.

This was the final

The Serb defeated Australian Nick Kyrgios to claim his fourth Wimbledon title in a row.

The champagne, the hats to protect themselves from the sun, the princes in the stands… Everything was prepared for a session of rockets in the Cathedral of tennis, an exhibition between the player that everyone expected to be in this match and the great surprise of the tournament.

Kyrgios, with his passive walk, undeterred by the most important part of your life.“Give a man a mask and he will show you his true self,” the Australian has written on one leg. His mask, that of the Wimbledon finalist, his being, that of the tennis player who appeared in the first set of the title match.

A calm Kyrgios, without emotions, with a service in which the former flew at 219 kilometers per hour and the latter at 125. A tennis player capable of capturing in six games spoon serves, drop shots, volleys, shots under the legs and cut at ground level. For half an hour, the best Kyrgios of his career was on the Wimbledon mat. He was worth it to overcome Djokovic and win a set. The unknown was if he could maintain the level and, above all, if Djokovic would not raise his. The answer was simple and it was not long in coming. Kyrgios' repertoire was erased, he stopped doing everything he does well, that is, the most unexpected, and entered Djokovic's trading game, in which he had nothing to gain. He lost ground, made the match bland and started a battle with himself and his bench. The internal dialogues began, the shouts to his box and the uncomfortable looks of Prince William and his son George, luxury spectators of the volcano about to explode.

Djokovic, without a level according to his tennis , neutralized the surprise and saved four break balls when he served to make it 1-1 on the scoreboard.
Even in seven Grand Slam finals he has come back from a set down. Here he was looking for the eighth.

The circus arrived

The closer the match was, the more likely Kyrgios was to start the show. By the middle of the third set , his coffee pot was already about to explode. He got the first warning for cursing the crowd by committing a double fault, after a scream from a female fan between the first and second serves.

“It's the one that looks like it's had 700 drinks”,he told the judge. The conversations with his people also became with the referee. His madness was spreading little by little to more and more elements of the track, focusing all the attention and leaving
Djokovic in the background. He was the lead actor and absorbed all the roles in the movie. With 4-4 in the third, the Australian escaped a 40-0, raised masterfully by Djokovic. But no camera was pointed at the Serb; they were all with Kyrgios, confronted with his bench, whom he congratulated after a double fault and a backhand to the net with which he delivered the partial. As in the second set, when he wasted a 0-40, Kyrgios was now shooting a 40-0 that cost him another set and, in a way, the match.

With 2-1 already in his favor and the final under control, Djokovic went to the bathroom for ten minutes and left Kyrgios alone talking in his chair. A monologue that served to calm down, to recover his service and to stabilize the meeting. The fourth set, without opportunities with services, headed for the 'tie break'. A double fault from Kyrgios early on paved the way for Djokovic, who made it 2-0 with an easy volley, but hit a forehand midcourt into the net that brought the Australian back to life. But he just took it away.

Four errors in a row made it 6-1 in favor of a low profile Djokovic , who took advantage of his third match point and sealed his seventh title in London. He bent down to the grass and tasted the taste of it, the one he already knows so well. The one from Belgrade has 27 consecutive wins at Wimbledon, four trophies in a row, the same ones that Pete Sampras achieved and one of the five of Federer and Bjorn Borg. Numbers that place him as one of the best in the history of this surface.

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