The separation of the couple continues to talk about. 

The separation of the Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué and the Colombian singer Shakira continues to be the subject of day and more and more details of the fact are known.

Hours go by and the European media are on the trail of much more information about the case that became known last June.

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More details

The issue of custody of their children, Milan and Sasha, He has them walking with their feet on the ground, but each one has his 'ACE' up his sleeve, if the problem in court increases.

Jordi Martin is one of the most recognized Spanish paparazzi and has handled the case minute by minute, so much so that he has given details of what is happening.

“Shakira is very informed about everything we are telling on the programs”, she said on the Telecinco Summer Program.

And she added: “I got by her environment that when they arrive from Disneyworld, Piqué asks for time because he was overwhelmed with companies and such. Shakira tells him 'don't worry because I have to go to the United States' for 17 days to record”.

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Proposal rejected

Martin notices that Shakira“He proposed couples therapy that he rejected, so she realizes that it's not going to improve the relationship, that it's not an up and down, but there's something more,” she says

And he adds: “That's where all the alarms go off for Shakira and she decides to put a private detective on her to have concrete and precise information for the moment we are in, which is the custody of the children.”

“Shakira gives Piqué a team of private detectives who make a report.”

< br>The journalist warns that something is already known about the investigation that has thrown up the subject of the private detective.

“They tell me that in those 17 days, Shakira put Piqué in a team of private detectives who make a report. That report is the one that will contribute, if the issue ends up in trial on the issue of custody, that is the report that is going to proceed,” he said.

According to Martin, the situation can be difficult if Shakira finds reasons for it.

“As the provocations go like this, the next photo will be Clara Chía with her children, with Milan and Sasha. When Gerard goes to his office in Kosmos (Piqué's company) he takes her children, because they already know Clara and there is a very good feeling between the children and her. That information will hurt Shakira, “he said.

About Shakira, Martin assures that she is dedicated to her children
and that when she has to travel for her work she accommodates the times to be with her parents and that she does not provoke provocations.

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