The Senegalese leaves the Reds where he was a great figure. 

Liverpool's Senegalese star Sadio Mané has everything ready to go to Bayern Munich next season, after that German club agreed to a 32 million euro ($33.5 million) transfer last week, with nine million euros ($9.4 million) in bonuses.

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Liverpool's departure has generated different versions in the international press. One of them, known this Monday, is that Mané decides to leave because he apparently felt overshadowed by Mohamed Salah, the other star of the team.

Why is Mané leaving?

Mundo Deportivo de España points out that the Senegalese footballer wanted more recognition than Salah beyond of respect and friendship between the two.

There is talk of an economic difference, since the footballer wanted a raise, but this would have been denied.

But the other issue would be personal. “Despite the fact that he has been very happy at Liverpool, Mané has lived in the shadow of Mohamed Salah and has felt that his merits have not been as recognized as those of his Egyptian partner,” says the media in an article titled.

However, other media have gone further and assure that Mané is not only leaving for Salah, but also because he was also minimized with the imposing arrival of Luis Díaz, who earned all the praise in the last few months, since his appearance on the Reds in February.

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Mané, used to being the star, no longer had to divide his importance between two but between three, since the Colombian monopolized the most positive comments from the English press.

There was even a moment of the campaign in which it was speculated that the Senegalese had differences with the Colombian, although an important complement between the two was seen on the pitch.

“I know him very well. He is a very good player. I train with him every day, so we have a good partnership. When he had the ball, I knew he was going to pass it to me and I just had to be ready to score”, said Mané at the time.


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