The selected Inca passes the hangover of elimination from the World Cup. 

The Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) has as a priority to renew “yes or yes” the contract with the Argentine coach Ricardo Gareca so that he continues for “the next four or five years” at the head of his national team, which last Monday lost the play-off for the Qatar 2022 World Cup against Australia.

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“Yes or yes, we want him to continue leading the senior national team,” said the FPF sports director, Juan Carlos Oblitas , during a press conference in which he assured that this position is shared by the president of the federation, Agustín Lozano.

Days of reflection

Oblitas confirmed that Gareca met this Thursday, separately, with him and with Lozano, to talk “a little about the whole situation that left the game” of the playoffs played in Doha.

“We believe that he is the right person to continue these four or five years to come”, he reiterated before indicating that he came out “with a lot of optimism” from his meeting with Gareca.

He considered, however, that the coach should take “a few days of reflection with the family” before “giving a concrete answer that he feels strong enough to continue with this.”

“This is a moment of reflection,” he remarked before pointing out that both the leaders and the technical command and the players have gone through “a very hard moment” because they did not expect to lose the World Cup qualification. However, he expressed his expectation that Gareca “understands that he is fine, this time we had to lose, but we still have a long way to go and we need him to continue leading this process.”

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“I think that by the end of the month we would already have a concrete response, God willing it will be positive,” he added before pointing out that the FPF does not have “a plan B”, because “that plan is Gareca”. Oblitas stressed that he has spent 7 years “having an almost perfect understanding” with the technical command led by the Argentine and assured that this “helped keep this group afloat during this time and everything that has come after the successes of the team “, which qualified for the 2018 World Cup in Russia and played in the final of the 2019 Copa América in Brazil.

The sports director of the FPF said, however, that Peru has suffered now “a tough defeat”, which will lead him “to think and rethink the issues” to try to determine why, after having an outstanding participation in the South American qualifiers, the national team played a bad game.

“This is football and when we should have played the best game we didn't, it's that simple,” he concluded.


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