The Sandman: these comic intrigues that season 2 must absolutely deal with

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After the success of The Sandman on Netflix, Neil Gaiman and the streaming giant mentioned at the beginning of November 2022 the renewal of the fantastic series for a “small” season 2. Without actually using these terms, the creator promised the arrival“of new episodes” without giving further details. What is certain is that the sequel to The Sandman should focus on these intrigues to honor the best passages of the comics.

The Sandman: These Comic Book Plots Season 2 Must Deal With

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The Sandman, the series that Netflix subscribers have been missing

The ten episodes of The Sandmancaused a stir with Netflix subscribers when they were added to the catalog. A month after their broadcast, the streaming platform unveiled an eleventh bonus episode, exploring an independent story from the comics of Neil Gaiman. In November 2022, while fans of the program were eagerly awaiting such news, the creator of the graphic novels has announced the renewal of The Sandman for a “small” season 2.He didn't really use the end of a new season but promised the arrival of new episodes.

Millions and millions of people welcomed, watched; and loved Sandman on Netflix, from established Sandman fans to simply curious people, then became obsessed with the Lord of Dreams, his family, and their pursuits. It gives me incredible pleasure to say that by working with Netflix and Warner Bros., Allan Heinberg, David Goyer and I will bring to life; still more Sandman stories. There are amazing stories awaiting Morpheus and the others (not to mention endless other family members to meet). No one will be happier at What about the cast and crew of Sandman: they are Sandman's biggest fans. And now it's time to get back to work. There is a family meal at; come, after all. And Lucifer waits for Morpheus to return to Hell…

The burial of Orpheus in the heart of the next episodes?

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For its part, Netflix also talks about “continuity” and not a direct sequel to The Sandman. assuming that the next chapter of The Sandman will possibly consist of of a small handful of episodes. If future episodes are intended to chronicle the events leading up to the disappearance of Dream, it would then be necessary to concentrate on Orpheus (Orpheus), the son of Rêve. In the comics, Morpheus violates the dreams of the universe by freeing his immortal son from his severed-headed existence. Fans are extremely curious about how Orpheus came to be. intended to this sad fatebut also how Rêve became the man he is today. All of these events cannot happen without the audience fully understanding the role of Orpheus. e in history and how his father has interacted with him over the millennia.

To ensure that season 2 can cover the chain of events leading to the death of Dream, we should focus on the comics World's End. This volume of The Sandman Tells the story of mythical and mortal characters from across the multiverse who find themselves trapped in a magical inn beyond. from their planes of existence due to a “reality storm”. As all the protagonists involved attempt to stave off the storm, the end of the comic reveals that the event capital to the origin of the reality storm is the funeral of Orpheus, attended by almost all of the Endless. We imagine that these are the events that will be included in Season 2, ignoring the rest of the stories told by the various travelers of the inn. Although it is unfortunate that these intrigues are ignored, they could appear in a potential third season on Netflix if the success of the next episodes is there.