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The Sandman: Neil Gaiman at the heart of these serious accusations

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul4,2024

A true comic book legend, the British Neil Gaiman has been the subject of very serious accusations for several hours. We tell you everything!

The Sandman: Neil Gaiman at the heart of these serious accusations

Neil Gaiman: accused ; of sexual assault

Counting alongside Alan Moore (Watchmen,V for Vendetta) among the greatest feathers in the comics industry, Neil Gaiman is the author of several major works, fromThe Sandman to the Marvel series 1602. He is also a major novelist of the literature of the Imagination, with novels such asGood Omens(co-written with Terry Pratchett ), NeverwhereCoraline or even American Gods.

For several years, Neil Gaiman seems to be at the peak of his celebrity. ; not only did he make a notable appearance inThe Big Bang Thoery, but several of his works have been adapted to television or cinema: the filmsStardust(Matthew Vaughn, 2007) andCoraline (Henry Selick, 2009) , as well as the seriesAmerican Gods (Starz, 2017-2021),Good Omens (Prime Video, 2019-…), < em>The Sandman (Netflix, 2022-…) and Dead Boys Detectives (Netflix, 2024-…). A few weeks ago, we learned that Henry Selick – known forThe Nightmare Before Christmas and the adaptation ofCoraline – will adapt another Gaiman masterpiece for the cinema.

The Sandman: Neil Gaiman at the heart of these serious accusations

However , it could well be that the sympathy felt by Hollywood studios towards The respect for Neil Gaiman's work will decline somewhat in the coming days and weeks. Indeed, we learn today thatNeil Gaiman is the subject of very serious accusations of sexual assault from two women, revealed by the British mediaTortoise, background by the head of the BBC and theTimes.

Hired as a nanny for her son, the first complainant (Scarlett) explained &àgrave; the police may have been sexually assaulted by the English author At the age of 23 in 2022 in his New Zealand residence, a few hours after meeting him. During the following three weeks, the author and the nanny had “consensual sexual relations“, but during which Neil Gaiman allegedly engaged in sexual activity. &àgrave; “brutal and degrading sexual acts“. A fan of the writer, the second complainant, nicknamed K, allegedly had a romantic relationship with Neil Gaiman in 2003, while She was 18 years old and he was 40.According to her, the author would have “subjected her to brutal and painful sexual relations that she did not want”. 

The Sandman: Neil Gaiman at the heart of these serious accusations

Conraxté byTortoise, Neil Gaiman links the allegations to against him. If he recognizes sexual relations with each of the two complainants, the English writer assures that they were consented to by both parties and affirms that he has committed nothing illegal. He also explains that the New Zealand police did not take Scarlett's complaint seriously, testifying because of its “lack of substance “. A position that the police representatives immediately tempered, recalling that the investigation was still ongoing.

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