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The Samsung company released “smart” sneakers to control the smartphone with the movement of the legs

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun14,2024

Samsung releases 'smart' sneakers to control your smartphone with your feet

So far only six pairs of the innovative shoes have been produced.

Move your feet to to control the phone, Samsung announced, and presented a limited series of Shortcut sneakers in collaboration with designer Roel van Hoff. The shoes are equipped with technology that reads dance movements, which triggers various actions on the phone.

"With the new Samsung Shortcut sneakers, you will be able to control your phone while dancing!" – it is on the company website.

How it works

The sole has motion sensors configured using a machine learning algorithm. Five gestures are associated with five shortcuts on your phone, allowing the wearer to control the smartphone with their feet. The sneakers were tested – hundreds of people danced in them to test each function and teach movement recognition. When paired with a Samsung phone, when a person performs a certain movement with sneakers, the gadget reacts and performs the actions required by the user.


The appearance of "smart" ; sneaker from popular designer Roel van Hoff inspired by the Samsung Galaxy line of devices. Materials used in the shoes refer to the galaxy, meteorites and supernovae in terms of texture and shades.

How to buy Samsung Shortcut sneakers

Samsung Shortcut Limited Edition sneakers are not for sale. The company says it has created just six units, especially for fans of its gadgets in the Netherlands, who are invited to take part in special competitions and win a pair in the appropriate size from the 37 to 45 variations. Fans can enter the contest on the Samsung Members app until July 9, 2024, and winners will be announced the week of July 15.

Natasha Kumar

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