The Russians tried to find HIMARS in the Poltava region and even received help from accomplices (video)

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Russians tried to find HIMARS in Poltava region and even received help from accomplices (video)

< em>Photo: SBU

The special service of the aggressor country tried to obtain information about the critical infrastructure facilities of the Poltava region and the units of the Defense Forces involved in their protection.

According to the press service of the SBU, two IDPs from the east of Ukraine, who were recruited by a representative of the so-called “MGB DPR” Dmitry Zipir, "hunted" behind the combat positions of the S-300 air defense systems and warehouses with missile and artillery weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

They also tried to find the locations of the HIMARS rocket systems and long-range M777 howitzers.

For the destruction of samples of foreign and Ukrainian weapons, Russian curators promised their henchmen from 20 thousand dollars.

It is indicated that the Security Service prevented sabotage – they exposed, documented and stopped the criminal actions of the members of the enemy intelligence network in Kremenchug in a timely manner.

Zipir, who is in temporarily occupied Donetsk, was declared suspected of organizing the preparation of sabotage.


According to the investigation, he remotely coordinated the actions of his agents in the Poltava region and reported on their results to the FSB personnel, informs the Poltava regional prosecutor's office.

The SBU released a video of Zipir's communication with his agents.


The secret service claims that he is located this is known and comprehensive measures are being taken to bring the attacker to justice.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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